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Rehab For
Total Care offers a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program for both traumatic and non-traumatic musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting from:
  • Postural symptoms
  • Auto and work injuries
  • Neck and back conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Neurological conditions
Total Care treats competitive and recreational athletes. We provide individualized training program to promote healing and regain strength and flexibility, allowing the athlete to return to his/her level of chosen sport activities.

Work Hardening Program is a comprehensive program designed to rehabilitate the injured worker. Great emphasis is placed on job simulation in order to safely return the worker to her/his job.

Services offered in work hardening program:
  • Functional Capacity Training
  • Job Simulation
At any stage of life, a fall can be an assault on an individual's fundamental freedom/mobility. At Total Care we are professionals who specialize in the full spectrum of treatment and care of balance disorders. In addition to treatment we assess risk factors, develop preventative strategies and provide education to patients in an effort to prevent repeat falls and achieve the ultimate goal of renewed independence and stability.

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